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Each player has a set of cards that is used to direct the robots around the arena. The  number of gear wheels on the card determines how many fields your robot should move.  Used robot cards are temporarily lost. You can get them back by playing your chip card or  by moving your robots to the appropriate fields. Therefore you are constantly looking for  the best combination of cards and routes. During the race you are hindered by the robots  of your opponent(s) and you can block their robots. You win the game by being the first  to have all four of your robots on the finish fields of the same color.

RoboRama can be played in three different ways. You start with the basic program. When you have mastered this, the second program will offer new tactical challenges with the special robot cards on the backside of the cards. The third program allows for more interaction by the introduction of the ChaosBot. Are you looking for even more variety, aside from these three exciting programs? Then you can always experiment with the variations at the end of this instruction manual.


 2-4 players


 45 minutes

 Ages 8 and up


Box content
1 Games
24 Double sided (basic and special) robot cards,
16 Robots in four colors 
24 Chaosbot Cards
1 Chaosbot
4  Manuals

 Measurements box
297mm x 297mm x 75mm

Box weight
1500 gram

Available languages
Dutch, German, English, French