In this trick-taking game with a twist, you have to ty to score as much points as possible. Most cards will net you one point, but some are worth 3 or even 5 points. At the start of the turn the Royals are worth the most points, but be ware when the the rebel is played and is not stopped by the Prins.

If that occurs, a revolution will break out, and all Subject cards are worth more than the Royals.  A game for 2-5 players, can also be played by teams.

 Casual players

 2-5 players


 30 minutes

 Ages12 and up


Box content
36 Cards
1 Big reference Card
3 Manuals

Box Measurement
130mm x 130mm x 30mm

Box weight
Still unknown

Available Languages
Dutch, German, English 



Expected end of 2018!

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