You are one of the most notorious pirates of the seven seas and you just made loot. Before you arrive at your home island, you encounter another pirate with as much booty as you. As a notorious pirate, you obviously do not shy away from the confrontation. Try to sink the captain's boat or the three boats with gold chests so that your loot will double!


Box Content

110 Cards
12 Ships, one set of six for each player, double sided: with and without upgrade
12 Booty cards, six booty cards per player: 4 gold chetst, 1 empty chest, 1 captain
72 Canon cards in six colors (12 per color set)
8 Action cards consisting of:
 2 x attack thief, pick an unseen card from an opponent
 2 x defence, spread canon cards over adjacent ships
 2 x attack extra 1 attack point
 2 x upgrade or scout, extra +1 scout or +1 upgrade
 4 overview cards for scout and upgrade 

Box Measurement
130mm x 130mm x 30mm

Box Wieght
Noy yet known

Available Languages
Dutch, German, English


First version of the game rules are expected at the end of 2018.

Early 2019 on kickstarter! Keep an eye on it!

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