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As pirate captain it is hard to steal a booty, but it is even harder to share the booty equally. Outsmart your fellow pirates, using your brains & trade skills, and you probably end up with the most valuable loot!

Stingy is an interactive & collectable swap game for 2 to 6 players. The game material consists of a booty pouch, 6 information cards and 115 colourful booty tiles. Collect these booty tiles of the same item & colour to secure your most valuable loot and become the most successful pirate: “Captain Stingy”.

How about the game variant Captain Sly? Be the crook that uses unfair trading to get the most valuable booty share “arrgh”


 2-6 players


 45 minutes

 Ages 10 and up


Content Box
115 Tiles
6 Information cards
1 Pouch
4 x Manuals

Box Measurements
120mm  x 120mm  x 120mm

Weight box
210 gram

Available Languages
Dutch, Gemran, English, French

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