UGO!:Magic Garden is based on the much-praised UGO! In UGO!:Magic Garden you are a wizard who participates in the annual competition to be proclaimed as the best wizard. You try to plant exotic flowers in your garden. There are easy pieces of garden that are very fertile, but also pieces of garden where you need help from garden gnomes. You can also cheat by hiring goblins. But be aware! You will be checked at the end if you did not cheat.


 2-4 players


 45 minutes

 Ages 10 and up


Box content
45 Flower Cards , 25 Garden Garden, 24 counters with a Gnome ,12 Counters with a Goblin

Box Measuements
130 x 130 x 30 mm
Weight Box
still unknown until production
Availbable languages
Dutch, English , English (maybe more, depending on kickstarter).

Preview cover 


First version expected end of 2018 before kickstarter launch

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